Julie Kornblum


What will our layer of the archeological record show? A hundred years ago, most products were made of materials taken from the earth—cotton, wool, wood, glass,

 metals —and the discards broke down in the environment. In the 20th century,

synthetic materials and plastics facilitated marvelous advancements in medicine,

food storage, shipping, clothing, shelter and communications.


But our waste and disposal of them has become problematic around the globe. Plastic trash lines the gutters of streets, freeways, and country roads. In five remote places on the world’s oceans, huge rafts of trash congregate, floating on the surface without degrading. Out of our sight, we are unaware of our trash. Will we blanket the planet with plastics? Or can we:


Rethink and reformulate plastics to break down over time.

Refuse to be ignorant of where our trash ends up.

Reduce our consumption.

Reuse, Reuse, and Reuse everything as many times as we can.



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